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My regulars who have been here before will know the attempts I have made in replicating a model of the "Australis".

I am now pleased to display my latest aquisition here as finally after many...... many....... years of looking, and hoping and praying, I finally have a travel agents model of the Australis. This model is over 1 metre long and even lights up of a night time. For it's age, it is in great condition, enjoy.


Above is the model I have just mangaged to track down, to appreciate the size, this was taken on a 3 seater lounge.

The model lit up of an evening, and below are my other attempts which I believe are still very good :)


This photo was taken by the newspaper in correct lighting, which shows the size of the model and a better idea of the colours, unfortunately the following photos of my model were taken in poor light and an early model digital camera a long time ago - looks like I better take new photos of my model :) I have built 2 models of the "Australis" - the matchbook resting against the larger ship shows the scale. For those with a keen eye for detail, you can see what ship I have used - yep the United States - but this model still looks great with the minor changes I have made.

I have a few emails saying that the SS United States was no where near the same as the America, that is true in part, really at a glance the United States looked very similar to the America, other than size and a few other main differences. However, I am happy with my attempts to create a model of the Australis, like an artist who enjoys frredom of his work, I too like mine. I do have proper plans and intend building a proper model, these plans will build the model approximately 3 - 4 ft long, so it will be huge in detail, one day....

Anyway I have concentrated on photographing the larger model as it has more detail (some 30 inches long by 8 inches high), as it is really the "unofficial" sister ship UNITED STATES, I have pointed out the changes- enjoy :)

Below the photos are my details on colors and modifications made.

The bow - new radar mast fitted, anchor stored vertically on bow
Note new bridge windows fitted and rear mast to funnel


Rear funnel - note funnel mast, and flag holders added and horn in funnel - The funnels arn't as 'black' as seen here - they are blue
Forward funnel - note new mast and radar and flag holders - the X on the funnel is not painted but is a cut out X from a white ice cream container


Stern View - Note rear anchor fitted and only 2 screws fitted (Big U had 4)
Aerial shot - showing colour scheme


Aerial shot - showing colour scheme
SS Italis or Americn Star - without Blue hull :)

As you can appreciate trying to match colours with old photos are hard, so i did my best, it was hard as some photos had the funnels for example looking very dark and others looking a paler blue. So i tried using the closest and also from memory, i came up with these...

Funnels...Humbrol blue 109 with matt black boots M33
Propellors..... Humbrol Copper 54
Decks........ I used Humbrol 121 but in hindsight this may be a little too light as the decks were teak and as I know have a piece of her original deck wood polished and preserved in my room i would go for a more 'browner' colour - however the 121 does come close to one aerial photo I used
Green sports decks....I used Humbrol 88
White decks, lifeboats and cranes i used a spray can to eliviate brush marks, I used a product called "Tamiya color " Matt white # 27, but Humbrol do a paint Matt white - i just used a spray can variety
Red underwater hull, again I used a spray can to eliviate brush marks, I used the same product "Tamiya color " Mica Red #39

Anyway thats the colours i used and it has come up well, extra things i did -

I tossed the original mast away and used a mast from a tug boat i had that had been wrecked, it looks a lot more realistic than the large thick mast in the kit, i also did not use the original anchors as they looked to small and to give the impression the ship was 'smaller'I used bigger anchors taken from the tug boat, as well as the wheel house area was slightly modified to give bigger bridge windows. I fashioned a funnel mast from an old axle from a broken army truck and used some old Titanic main cranes were used as smaller cranes on the aft deck area. The wording Australis on her bow and stern came from some old decals I had kept of a "Trans Australian Airlines" aircraft, just trimmed the 'n' an replaced it with an 's' to get the name I also only installed 2 props and did away with the 3rd bow anchor, and used the plastic parts of cotton wool buds to make the flag stands. The funnel 'X ' I traced an X on to a white plastic Icecream lid and cut them out as they are straighter than painting the x on, the plastic icecream container adheres well to the funnels using mormal modeling cement . I also drilled a hole in the stern and placed a spare anchor as per the real ship

The ships looks magnificent and unfortunately the photos do not do it justice

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