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Hello my name is Darren Byrne and I am your on this fantastic tour of this once famous liner of yesteryear the "SS AMERICA", or as many Australian immigrants new her the "SS AUSTRALIS" but she has had many lives since then as you will soon find out.

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The most recent items are my travel agents model of the Australis - ex travel agents model

As a private collector (my wife thinks I am a hoarder :-) of many Australis / Chandris items, I believe I would have one of the largest private collections in the world. Full of rare items most can be seen in my "museum" link, recognising this, the Sydney National Maritime Museum flew to Perth and interviewed me and requested a loan of some of my items for a 2 year display on immigration to Australia. Not only was my items collected but an in depth interview was conducted. My interview is also been played in part over Paul Looyens movies of the Australis. Photos of my items on display can be seen here, and a link to the movie is coming soon.

After 5 years waiting to see my beloved items on display a business trip had me arriving in Sydney with a day to spare and what better place to go and see. I was very impressed with the museums display of my items and the care and environment it has been put in. There is a display area dedicated to passengers arriving in Australia from stolen children, escaping war and refugees. All very carefully and well presented. As a side note if you are in Sydney and love shipping call in and see the museum, obviously have a look at my collection, but the displays of static ships that you can frely wander around in is great, there is the Navy battle ship VIPER, the submarine ONSLOW, ENDEAVOUR replica and the JAMES CRAIG along with other assorted boats.

Webmaster Darren Byrne at the Sydney National Maritime Museum March 2010


This website began in August 1998 and has grown by the minute, thanks to the encouragement of many people. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following four people Ken Ironside, Steve Mulliss, Doug Griffiths, and Peter Knego who between them have assisted me in the inital stages Doug and I were on the same voyage, on the same deck around the same age, and I have vague memories of Ken when i used to swim in the indoor pool. Ship Historian Peter Knego has kindly allowed me to reproduce reports and use many images from his collections, which may i remind you are copyrighted to him.

So what did happen to this wonderful ship, this nostalgic piece of travel.You will have to follow the complete history to be fully conversant but in 1994 whilst on tow.......

Sorry whats that " what it's like telling you the final page in a book, or telling you the end of a movie I hear you say" okay I will shut up, let you find out for yourselves just how this liner ended up where she is today. Any links you see as are my email links so at any time please email me with questions (firstly check out the FAQ - frequently asked questions page)

Please enjoy :)


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